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    April Fool’s Day 2022: Best April Fool Pranks To Pull On Friends, Teachers, All

    Best April fool pranks to pull on friends, teachers and all on April Fool’s Day 2022 can be accessed below.

    Bennievibez reports that April Fool’s Day is a special day on which individuals have the opportunity to play practical pranks on their friends and loved ones by spreading jokes and hoaxes.

    This online news platform understands that on this day, people plan a variety of pranks to have a good time. Every year, on April 1st, people worldwide celebrate April Fool’s Day.

    April Fool’s Day is generally observed at universities, workplaces, and other places of business. Every country, virtually without exception, celebrates April Fool’s Day, and today, April 1, 2022, we celebrate April Fool’s Day 2022.

    April Fools Day Prank 2022

    Dearest dad, you may not know but you are truly lucky to have me and I am not saying this because it is April Fool’s Day today.”

    On the occasion of April Fool’s Day, I wish that you never run out of jokes and you always enjoy laughter and smiles. Wishing a very Happy April Fool’s Day to you.”

    There is only one reason why you are not able to finish your work and that’s because you never do it. Happy April Fool’s Day to my coworkers.”

    “Having online studies is the most amazing way of studying as you never know how much have really studied. Happy April Fool’s Day.”

    “When you study online then you are actually witnessing the combination of your worst and best hobbies. Wishing a very Happy April Fool’s Day 2022 to you.”

    April Fools Day Quotes 2022

    “There is nothing bad in being foolish sometimes as we cannot be always intelligent. Happy April Fool’s Day to you.”

    “Wishing a very Happy April Fool’s Day to you. Do not underestimate fools as they are responsible for making intelligent smart.”

    “Happy April Fool’s Day to everyone. Let us celebrate being foolish as this is a fun thing to do.”

    “When you are a foolish soul then no one expects anything intelligent out of you and that is quite a relief. Happy April Fool’s Day.”

    “On the occasion of April Fool’s Day, let us come together and salute all the foolish people around us as they are special in their own ways. “

    April Fools Day SMS 2022

    Just wanted to remind you that today is your day and you are making it a perfect one just by being you. Happy April Fool’s Day 2022.”

    “If anyone thinks that you are smart then just smile at him and wish him a Happy April Fool’s Day and he would know it all.”

    “The best trick for a person like you is to stay mum and let others think if you are a fool than to break the silence and make it evident. Happy April Fool’s Day.”

    “Wishing a very Happy April Fool’s Day to you my dear. There is no way we can change the fact, you are a fool and you will remain one.”

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    “A fool is always a fool and therefore, the date doesn’t matter….. But still, I want to wish you on April 1st a very Happy Fool’s Day!!!”

    April Fools Day Wishes 2022

    Somethings made for each other like bread and butter, fork and knife, paper and pen and you and stupidity….. Happy Fool’s Day to the best foolish friend!!!”

    “Scientists have finally been able to spot the difference between a man and a monkey….. Man sends messages and monkey reads messages….. Have a wonderfool Fool’s Day.”

    “If people call you crazy then don’t believe them….. If people call you stupid then believe them because they are saying it all right….. A Happy Fool’s Day to you.”

    There is a virus that just entered your brains but he died because he failed to find any brains inside your head…. Happy April Fool’s Day dear.”

    Keep pranking, keep laughing, happy April Fool’s day!

    Best April Fool Pranks to pull on friends, teachers, bosses, sisters, brothers, mom, dad

    1. Many of us have certain shows that we have to oversee with our spouse or roommate, without jumping ahead. So, go through the episode list and start playing the show a few episodes further, so they think you’ve gone further without them. When you sit down together later to watch, try to keep a straight face as they realize something’s not right!

    2. Send automatic, fun cat facts to your friends’ phones through the Cat Facts app, and LOL as you can view their replies as well!

    3. Create Brussels sprout cake pops that look super-appetizing, but become quite the surprise at first-bite!

    4. Fill up a doughnut box (think something obvious, like Krispy Kreme or Dunkin’ Donuts) with veggies inside, and listen for the reactions near the break room at work!

    5. There are plenty of annoying email subscriptions that you can sign a bud up for, but one that they might legitimately get a kick out of is “Pun of the Day“—you can keep those jokes coming throughout the whole year!

    6. Find a GIF of the infamous typing dots, and text it to different members of your fam, who will be so curious about what you could be writing to them for such a long time!

    7. At the office, put tape under a coworker’s computer mouse, and watch them try to figure out why it’s not working!

    8. You’ll hear plenty of sss-screams after hiding rubber snakes in the dressers of your kids and/or spouse!

    9. Bring “chocolate chip” cookies into the office that are actually filled with raisins!

    10. Go for the classic April Fools prank—jump out and scare someone who least expects it!

    11. After placing coffee grounds inside the toilet tank and flushing a few times, the brown water is going to make it awkward between all of your housemates, to say the least!

    12. If you have access to a friend’s FB (someone who’s a serious social media fan), change their posts’ visibility to private for the day and see how long they’ll last before inquiring about their lack of likes!

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    13. Fill a doughnut up with mayo and expect plenty of cringe-worthy reactions!

    14. Stick a straw into a yellow mustard packet, put the packet in an unsuspecting pal’s can of soda or sparkling water, and wait for hilarity to ensue!

    15. Freeze a bowl of cereal and milk overnight, and your child will wonder why on earth they can’t spoon it out the next morning!

    16. Place a “Please honk and wave—April Fools’ prank!” sign on the back of your car to either confuse your spouse or roommate on the way to work or your children going to school!

    April Fool’s Day 2022: Best April Fool Pranks To Pull On Friends, Teachers, All

    17. Tape fake roaches inside a lampshade with the light on—talk about making everyone immediately feel creepy-crawly!

    18. On a Windows computer, press the Ctrl, Alt, and downward arrow keys to flip the display screen upside down. You can turn it back by pushing Ctrl, Alt, and the upward arrow key together!

    19. Make a mashed potato and gravy sundae that looks just like ice cream and caramel sauce, but is definitely more dinner than dessert!

    20. Sorry in advance to whoever is on the receiving end of this prank, but one way to really shock someone is by leaving fake poop out somewhere in your home, car, or workplace!

    21. Stuff toilet paper in the toe of your kids’ or roommates’ shoes, and see how long it takes for them to figure out the prank!

    22. Switch out two (or more) bags of cereal from their boxes for the ultimate “gotcha!” moment in the morning!

    23. Stick clear plastic wrap over the toilet, but be prepared for a clean-up that’s slightly less funny!

    24. Place a jolly rancher or two in the showerhead so that the water comes out sticky (and potentially a little colorful)!

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    25. Take a screenshot of your coworker or friend’s computer (or phone desktop), and leave the picture up so that they can’t figure out why nothing on their desktop is opening!

    26. Put the corner of a dollar bill outside of a book so that it’s poking out, but attach that small sample to a larger note that says, “April Fools!”

    27. So many of Jim’s best moments on The Office come from his pranks on Dwight. In honor of the ultimate prankster, stick a stapler in jello and leave it on the desk of one of your own officemates!

    28. Mix together M&M’s, Skittles, and Reese’s Pieces all in one bowl. Whether it’s displayed at home or at work, those who grab a couple of handfuls will be in for a shocking “treat!”

    29. Get crafty by adding googly eyes to everything in your kids’ or spouse’s packed lunch!

    30. By putting jelly beans in the ice dispenser, anyone who preps for a cold glass of water will get another cool surprise spilling into their cup instead!

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    31. Another classic prank idea? Strategically pat someone on the back while leaving behind a sticky note!

    32. Put fake broken glass decals on the windows of a friend’s home or car and watch them lose their minds before realizing it’s a joke!

    33. Switch out the wrappers of small chocolate eggs and place them over grapes instead—a much healthier snack than anyone would expect!

    34. Make a statement on social media that’s totally outrageous, yet kind of believable? Just be prepared to remind your followers about what day it is afterward!

    35. Send your friend a glitter bomb envelope in the mail that has “April Fools!” written inside!

    36. Replace the inside of your roommate’s deodorant with cream cheese!

    37. Give out fake scratch-offs that will claim they won $50,000!

    38. Get a cardboard cutout of an actor or singer and put it in the shower to really startle your family!

    39. Purchase a sterile cup, fill it with apple juice, and drink out of it throughout the day!

    40. Cram your coworker’s office full of boy band photos to really give them a laugh!

    41. Use “iPhoneception” on your bestie’s phone to make all of their apps look like cats (there are also “Zombie,” “Explosion,” and “Gravity” options)!

    42. Replace the TP with a roll of packing tape on your bathroom’s toilet paper holder!

    43. Set out this “Snake in a Can” gag which looks like a potato chip can, but actually contains a four-foot snake that springs out when the top is opened!

    44. Put a “For Sale” sign out in your yard before the kids go to school!

    45. It will take time and dedication, but by covering a buddy’s car in cling wrap, you’ll be sure to give them an April Fools’ Day they’ll never forget!

    46. Play with a remote control spider toy around the house or office to really freak people out!

    47. Rub some food dye onto the bottom of your faucet to make the tap water colorful and startling at the same time!

    48. Leave a bag of french fry soap in the shower to really confuse anyone who sees it!

    49. Change the keyboard shortcuts in a bud’s phone to drive them crazy with incorrect grammar or a completely different word choice popping up instead!

    50. Wake up early on April Fools’ Day and turn everything that you can think of upside-down in the house!

    Please note that the messages contained in this writing were not originally compiled by this Bennievibez reporter but were edited where necessary.


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