New Baby Velcro Post Baby Bow Broken Hair Artifact Flower Bangs Sticker Children’s Headwear Girls

New Baby Velcro Post Baby Bow Broken Hair Artifact Flower Bangs Sticker Children’s Headwear Girls

Payment instructions:
All transactions support Alipay guaranteed transactions, ensuring safety and quality. Buyers who do not have Alipay can consult and negotiate with customer service.
Wholesale target: Suitable for online store sales and operators with physical stores, import and export trading companies, and shopping mall counters. Support online merchants and physical jewelry boutiques with small purchases, and support college students to start their own businesses.

Notes to buyers:
1. Regarding the minimum batch size, is mixed batch supported? How to calculate shipping cost?
All products can be purchased according to the set minimum batch size, and mixed batches are supported!
We have a written description of the weight of each product. The shipping fee will be automatically calculated by the system when taking photos. There may be slight errors. If you have any questions, please contact customer service in time.
2. Are the products on the shelves in stock? What if they are out of stock?
All products of our company are available for wholesale sale in stock. The products shown on the page as available for photography are all in stock, so please feel free to purchase. Due to the wide variety of products and the large sales volume every day, some products are not removed from the shelves in time, resulting in out-of-stock situations. Please understand that we will contact you by phone or Wangwang in time and handle it.
3. Can I choose the style or color of the product?
Each product of our company has color and style options, please take photos corresponding to the product style and color you want. The default mixed-color delivery without color and style options. Due to the large volume of daily shipments, buyers are not allowed to remark the color or style by themselves. If you have any questions, please contact customer service.
4. How long does it take for delivery after payment is taken? How long till the goods arrive?
After your payment is successful, we will dispatch the order according to the order payment sequence within 12-48 hours. The express arrival time: generally 1-2 days in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, 3-5 days in other areas, and 5-5 days in some remote areas. It takes 7 days to arrive. The delivery time will vary due to distance and weather. At the same time, during the peak sales season, the delivery time will also be delayed. Buyers are kindly requested to understand.
5. Please do not leave negative reviews at will
. Whether you encounter service or product quality problems, just contact us at Wangwang, and we will definitely help you solve it proactively and objectively, and will not evade any responsibility. Medium and negative reviews are of no help to both buyers and sellers. We hope to retain every friend who likes “Shang’an Jewelry” and hope that every customer can have a pleasant online shopping experience with us.
At the same time, we also refuse to visit “negative reviewers”. We will resolutely resist uninvited guests who use “medium and negative reviews” to threaten us with refunds and gifts.
6. Regarding returns and exchanges
1. Product quality issues: Unconditional returns and exchanges within 7 days, and our company will bear the return shipping costs.
2. For non-quality problems, due to the buyer’s personal preferences or mistakes, our company does not support returns or exchanges.Price Description[Price under platform activities]

Pre-event price: (1) In non-distribution scenarios, it refers to the sales price of goods before the warm-up period (if there is no warm-up period, then the outbreak period) of platform activities (activities excluding distribution scenarios) ; (2) In distribution scenarios , specifically refers to the sales price of goods before the warm-up period of distribution activities (if there is no warm-up period, it is the outbreak period).The aforementioned prices do not include various purchasing allowances, cross-store coupons, red envelopes and other discounts issued by the platform, and do not include full discounts, coupons, store rebates, store membership discounts and L member prices set by the merchant, and designated group orders set by the merchant. product promotions and other discounts; the price will be calculated into various discounts under other non-platform activities (including single product discounts for non-designated groups set by the merchant, etc., which are ultimately subject to the merchant’s own settings). The aforementioned product sales price refers to the price displayed on the product page on that day; if the merchant adjusts the sales price multiple times on that day, the last sales price displayed on that day will be used.[Price under non-platform activities]

Underlined price: refers to the product price in the scenario of the merchant’s self-marketing activities. This price does not include various preferential activities of the platform. It may be the sales guide price of the product or the previously displayed sales price of the product, etc. It is not the original price and is for reference only.

Uncrossed price: The sales price of the product is set by the merchant on the 1688 platform. The specific transaction price changes according to various preferential activities set by the merchant, and the final price is based on the price on the order settlement page.【Release price】It refers to the price of the product after the sales price set by the merchant on the 1688 platform and the L member price discount is added. It is not the original price and is for reference only.

*Note:1. The above description only applies to price comparison scenarios.2. The time before the event is usually the day before the warm-up period/outbreak period. However, due to the delay of data, the price collection time may change. Ultimately, the specific time displayed above and the corresponding product price shall prevail.