Japanese retro twist sweater jacket for women 2022 autumn and winter new loose lazy style soft and waxy short knitted cardigan

Japanese retro twist sweater jacket for women 2022 autumn and winter new loose lazy style soft and waxy short knitted cardigan

Purchase Notes

  • 1. Genuine supply from the manufacturer Source of goods, more cost-effective, guaranteed quality, more considerate service, favorable prices for large quantities. Considering that most customers have their own brands, they are shipped without marking. If customers need us to mark, please inform them in advance, and add each piece of clothing There is a crafting fee of 2 yuan, thank you!
  • 2. About size Due to different manual measurement methods, knitted fabrics have a certain degree of elasticity, and the error of 2~4cm is within the normal range. The data is for reference only, and the actual product shall prevail. If you mind, please be careful!
  • 3. About color The products in our store are all taken in kind, and the colors have been professionally proofread and are closest to the actual tiles. Due to slight differences in the color contrast and color temperature of computer monitors, please be careful when photographing!
  • 4. About after-sales Retail customers do not support returns, but enjoy a 7-day exchange service. They can exchange for other styles or colors of the same price. The buyer is responsible for postage/5 pieces minimum for wholesale. Wholesale customers do not support returns, and they enjoy a 7-day exchange service. One-third of the order quantity is supported. Exchange for other styles or colors of the same price (off-the-shelf products will not be returned or exchanged, and each order can only be exchanged once, and will not be processed after timeout) If the customer receives the goods and there is a quality problem. Please contact our customer service within 48 hours of receiving the goods for registration processing, and provide clear photos of the problem! After receiving the goods and verifying that there is a quality problem, the store will bear the exchange freight. The postage is borne by the store’s standard freight template, and the buyer is responsible for other exchange freight costs!
  • 5. About delivery It will be sent out within 48 hours after payment. If there is any shortage, it will be reissued as soon as possible. If some items are out of stock due to inventory reasons, we will leave a message or call you to explain the situation in time. By default, if you need to place an order for other express delivery, please contact customer service of ZTO Express. If necessary, you need to pay the price difference. SF Express only ships on collect. (Free shipping during the event does not support designated express delivery) 

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