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Easiest Countries To Migrate To From Nigeria in 2022



Easiest Countries To Migrate To From Nigeria in 2022 can be accessed below.

This is a detailed guide on the easiest countries to migrate to from Nigeria.

Many Nigerians wish to migrate from Nigeria to other countries due to the current bad economy but most of them do not have an idea of the easiest country to migrate to.

If you are one of them, don’t worry, this article will give you ideas of the easiest countries to migrate to from Nigeria in 2022.

Take your time to read and be enlightened on the easiest countries to migrate to from Nigeria without much stress.

Why do People Migrate From Nigeria ?

Some people migrate because they want a better life for themselves and family, while others migrate for business, and education purposes,


No matter your reason for migrating from Nigeria, just know that some countries are easier to migrate to while some require tedious moments before you can gain access.

List of Easiest Countries To Migrate To From Nigeria in 2022

1. Belgium

Belgium, a country in Western Europe, is known for medieval towns, Renaissance architecture, and as headquarters of the European Union and NATO.

Their official languages are Dutch, French, German. So if you can speak any of those languages, you can easily migrate there.

Moreover, the easiest way to get a permanent residency, and eventually citizenship in Belgium is by getting a job there.


You automatically qualify to be considered for application for permanent residence if you get a job in Belgium. This makes Belgium one of the easiest countries to migrate to from Nigeria.

It might take five years or more, but at least you’ll already be living and working in the country.

2. Belize

Easiest Countries To Migrate To From Nigeria in 2022

Belize is one of the easiest countries to migrate to from Nigeria.

It is a country on the eastern coast of Central America, with Caribbean Sea shorelines to the east and dense jungle to the west.

Belize is a beautiful country, and one can easily blend with the natives because it’s an English-speaking country.

Migrating to Belize is very easy, first, you would need to obtain a 30-day visit visa.


After that renew it every 30 days for the next 50 weeks.

After 50 weeks, you would need to pay thousands of dollars to secure your permanent residency. You can also secure a work permit in the process, so you don’t spend 50 weeks without a job.

However, Belize makes it easy for immigration to choose the type of residence that works best for them. You can apply for citizenship. After staying in Belize for five years and having proof of sufficient financial resources.

Additionally, the cost of living in Belize is low and it has a diverse population.

3. Australia

Australia-Easiest Countries To Migrate To From Nigeria

Australia is a beautiful and advanced English-speaking country with amazing study and employment opportunities. Like Canada, Australia has a standard skilled workers program for people that want to migrate into the country.

4. Mexico

Most Beautiful and Best Cities to Visit in Mexico

Mexico is situated in North America. It offers a low cost of living as well as great food and culture. Here’s the great thing: You can get an FMM visa that allows you to stay in Mexico for 180 days for just $21. When the visa expires, you can renew it a limitless amount of times while still being in the country.

5. Paraguay


Paraguay is situated in South America. It shares borders with Argentina and Brazil. Paraguay is a pretty friendly Country with a low cost of living and it is also relatively safe. Securing a resident permit or visa is also easy and affordable.

You might be asking, “Well, how can I move to Paraguay to settle there?” It’s simple. Apart from the regular documentation and background checks, all you have to do is Deposit a sum of about $4,500 to a Paraguayan bank. Once you have been granted residency, you may withdraw the deposit in full. You can also obtain residency by setting up a company with a minimum capital of the above-mentioned amount; or buying land for agricultural production with a minimum of 10 hectares.

6. Ecuador

Easiest Countries To Migrate To From Nigeria in 2022
Easiest Countries To Migrate To From Nigeria in 2022

Ecuador is a beautiful South American country with Spanish as its official language. It is one of the easiest countries to migrate to from Nigeria without a visa.

Ecuador is not saturated by Nigerians as only limited Nigerians dwell there.

Moreover, Ecuador is one of the best and cheapest countries for immigrants because of the quality of life and low cost of living.


The easiest way to migrate to Ecuador from Nigeria is through the Ecuador Retirement Visa which allows you to stay in Ecuador for your entire life.

The Ecuador retirement visa or pensioner visa is the most common type of residency visa that immigrants apply for when moving to Ecuador.

It is a temporary residence visa that allows immigrants to settle in Ecuador for the long term and can be converted to a permanent residence visa with time as well.

The retirement visa has nothing to do with your age or being retired, you just need to have a steady provable income that can sustain you.

However, if you are not qualified for a retirement visa, you can apply for a professional visa.


Ecuador is a safe, clean, and developed country you can migrate to from Nigeria.

If you are willing to set up small-scale businesses, you can easily get it done without going through a difficult process

7. Canada

Easiest Countries To Migrate To From Nigeria in 2022

Canada is one of the easiest countries to migrate to from Nigeria. It is one of the developed countries with the most straightforward immigration process.

To migrate to Canada, you must have a certain amount of money in your bank account and also write and pass the IELTS exams. Migrating to Canada is not cheap but it is worth it.

As skilled immigrants who want to settle in Canada permanently and take part in their economy. It is advisable to check out Canada’s skilled worker’s express entry program.

Moreover, you can also migrate to Canada as a student, get a job when you’re done with school and then apply for permanent residence.


The 2 ways you can easily migrate to Canada are to apply for a student visa or take advantage of Canada express entry program.

Easiest Countries To Migrate To From Nigeria in 2022

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Top 5 In-Demand Skills For Students To Earn Money.



Being a Student is arguably the hardest stage of adulthood. This is because you are still dependent on Parents and Other Relatives for money at this stage. You are expected to bury your heads in books only and care about grades alone. But it doesn’t have to be this way for you.

There are many hot in-demand skills you can earn from even as a Student. You don’t have to wait till you finish graduate and finish NYSC before you start looking for Technological growth that has changed Society and the market too. Money follows value now.  Nobody cares if you are a Student or a Graduate. The only important factor is if you can deliver. Also, all the 5 hot in-demand skills you can earn as a Student which we will expose here are remote jobs. This means that you can do them from anywhere you are. Your schooling will not suffer at all.

Moreover, there are already avenues where you can offer your skills for sale, even from the comfort of your dormitory… So you do not have to bother about dropping your CVs at the Reception offices. All you have to do is select a skill from the 5 we are going to explore, learn it and start earning from it for life if you wish.

Below are the 5 hot in-demand skills you can earn as a Student:


Copywriting is one of the hottest skills in demand right now. Copywriting simply involves writing texts for advertisement purposes. You must have seen or heard adverts on TVs, Radios, Billboards, and even while scrolling on Facebook or Instagram. You might have also received marketing emails targeted at getting you to make a purchase or subscribe to a service.

The dialogue that accompanies the TV advert dramas or the text you read on the Facebook ad urging you to buy a smartwatch is the work of a Copywriter.

There are uncountable numbers of small businesses leveraging the powerful algorithms of Facebook and Google ads to get their businesses and products to their potential customers. Most of these Business Owners only know how to source for the products they sell. They largely depend on a Copywriter to provide compelling ads that will help convert their potential customers. Big businesses also need the services of Copywriters. In fact, they often have entire departments made up of Copywriters whose job is to write ads.

Even as a complete Novice, it doesn’t take years to get a hang of copywriting. If you don’t have much money to pay for learning, you can watch hundreds of free Youtube tutorial videos. You can also search and download free PDF books on copywriting. If you can afford to pay for lessons, it is advisable to do so as it will shorten the time you will spend learning and making mistakes.

As a copywriter, you can offer your services on Upwork, Fiverr, Moonlite, Peopleperhour, Freelancer, Facebook, Nairaland, and also by word of mouth and from Referrals.


A popular adage says that a picture is worth a thousand words. Graphics Designers work on the production of graphic content such as images, videos, flyers, logos, letterhead papers, business cards, book covers, calendars, etc.

As a Graphic Designer, you have a large client base, ranging from big companies to small businesses and even individuals. Most serious businesses have logos, which are unique to them. They work using tools such as Canva, Microsoft word Publisher, Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Photos, etc. to work.

You can pay to learn Graphics Designer from a Professional. If you are pressed for money, you can use the free lesson on the web to learn. You can google free introductory lessons on graphics design on Youtube. You can also search for free books and guides on graphics design.

You can offer your services on Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr, Designcrowd, Crowdspring, Yokebay, Nairaland, Facebook, Referrals, etc.


This skill has been around for a while and it is not going out of fashion anytime soon. Affiliate Marketing simply involves helping other People sell their products and earning a commission anytime a purchase is made through you. Even at the various local markets, there are affiliate marketers. These are those people who have no shops of their own but they source for Customers and take them to the products they are looking for, thereby earning a commission.

It is a simple method that involves you the Affiliate Marketer sourcing for products you wish to promote; get people to buy their products through you and earn your agreed commission. This commission varies. It could be 10-30% but sometimes it could be as high as 50% of the selling price of the product.

Affiliate marketing can make you millions in no time. This is because there is no limit to the number of products you can promote. Also, you do not need to buy the products, so there is no cost on you for stocking. You are just a middleman connecting the Buyer and the Seller and earning your commission in the process.

Affiliate marketing needs minimal lessons for you to get a proper grasp of it. You can pay a Professional to put you through. You can also avail yourself of free learning materials on the internet and free lessons on Youtube.

There are many platforms you can register on and sign up as an affiliate to start promoting products and earning your commissions. These platforms include Expertnaire, Clickbank, JVZoo, CJAffiliate, Partnerstack, ShareASale, etc. There are also other companies that offer their own products for affiliate marketing. These include Walmart, SEMRUSH, Bluehost, Fiverr, Elementor, Cloudways, Shopify, etc.


This is another hot skill that is very much in demand. Like it is popularly said, content is king. Blogs, Forums, Businesses, and even private Individuals need the services of Content Creators.

You can create content centered around texts pictures or both. Also, you can write topics specific to different niches.  You can even work as a Freelance Writer or be retained by even several Clients. You need little or no technical tutoring for you to understand this and reap the financial rewards from it. Being good at the English language, having basic research skills in terms of searching for things on the internet is enough.

You can also offer your content creation service on platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, Nairaland, Facebook, and even Referrals. Content Creators usually charge their fees on a per word basis. And there is no limit to the number of articles you can write or Clients you can serve.


This is the last but not the least on our list of 5 in-demand skills you can earn from as a Student. Facebook Ads management simply means managing Facebook and Instagram adverts on behalf of business owners.

Facebook is currently the most popular Social media app in the World. You can literally reach billions of people all over the world via Facebook. Many business owners want to leverage this powerful outreach medium. But the majority of them do not know how best to run Facebook ads. Many of them also do not want to waste their time learning how best to run Facebook adverts. Instead, they prefer to outsource this role to an Ads Manager.

As a Facebook Ads Manager, you coordinate the adverts of your Clients. From setting up the adverts to monitoring its performance to ensure the best results. Facebook Ads Managers usually charge their clients on a percentage basis on the total amount spent for ads. Also, there is no limit to the number of Clients you can take on. If you are good at your craft, you can handle adverts running into millions of dollars per year.

You can learn Facebook ads management from a professional if you can afford his fees. But if you are not able to afford to pay to learn, there are still tons of free materials online that can help you get a firm grasp of Facebook ads management. There are also hundreds of free tutorial videos on Youtube.

You can offer your services on platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, Nairaland, Facebook, and by Referrals too.


Being a Student is a period in your life when you have more time and less money. It is also a difficult period as you often depend on others for sustenance. You can fortunes around by exploring and harnessing our 5 in-demand skills you can earn from as a Student. You can learn with your free time, using free materials readily available on the internet, and start earning in no time.

If you wish and can do it, you can also combine two skills together. For instance, you can combine Copywriting and Facebook Ads Management. Or you can combine Content Creation and Graphics Design. The thesis will ensure you earn more as your Client base will be bigger.

There is absolutely no reason for you not to learn and then earn. You only need to study this our 5 in-demand skills, select any one or even combine two that you like, explore them in-depth and start earning cool money even as a student.

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Tokyo Institute Of Technology – Alumni, Scholarships



In this piece, we will look at some crucial information regarding the Tokyo Institute of Technology. The institution has campuses — two in Japan’s clean and one in Yokohama. The Institute’s long-cherished practical scientific and engineering teaching allows all students to experience the joys of research from an early age.

Findings from research centers such as ELSI are incorporated into curricula, and students have direct interaction with the world’s finest researchers as laboratory members. Tokyo Tech’s DLab brings together teachers, students, and the general public to develop solutions for a better tomorrow. Tokyo Tech’s hands-on approach is evident in graduate employability rankings, where school routinely outperforms.

At all levels, Tokyo Tech offers full-time degree programs in English. The Global Scientists and Engineers Program (GSEP) is a transdisciplinary Bachelor of Engineering program, whereas the International Graduate Program (IGP) is for individuals interested in pursuing further scientific or engineering degrees in Japan.

Reasons to Study in Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan
Are you thinking of studying at the Tokyo Institute of Technology? We think that’s a good idea. Below are some of the reasons that should motivate you to study in this great institution.

1. Highly Ranked
According to the Times Higher Education rating, Tokyo Tech is ranked 4th in Japan and 20th in the world in Engineering. Tokyo Tech alumni have strong post-graduation opportunities due to the school’s extensive history and credibility. According to the New York Times, Tokyo Tech is the 14th most employable university globally.

2. A Cutting-Edge Library
The Institute Library, completed in 2011, was finished in February 2011. Because of its distinctive triangular form, many people lovingly refer to it as the “cheesecake.” It also has an open-plan basement section, which gives the library a huge, expansive atmosphere – unlike most libraries. The open-plan layout also provides for a bigger overall floor space of 8,600m2. MEXT designated the library as a National Center for Overseas Periodicals. This provides Tokyo Tech students with an unrivaled array of resource material.

3. Museum and Centennial Hall Building
The Museum and Centennial Hall Building was initially constructed, with its unique, sharp edges and combination of metal and concrete standing in stark contrast to the wooden Ookayama Station. This skyscraper, dubbed Gundam after a popular anime about humanoid robot weaponry, has stood in the face of an ever-changing Ookayama environment and is now not just a symbol of Tokyo Tech but also of Ookayama.

4. Environmental Energy Innovation Building (EEI)
Tokyo Tech launched the EEI in 2012 as a demonstration of what is possible and as a promise for a brighter future. This facility is outfitted with cutting-edge green technology, which helps to keep carbon emissions at nearly 40% of those of a typical Tokyo Tech research building. 4570 solar panels adorn the walls, producing a total of 650kW, which is utilized to power the building.

The EEI Building also makes use of technologies to harness the power of inefficient energy. Many of these complex procedures are closely monitored by tiny sensors and computers, which utilize algorithms to calculate the parameters required to ensure maximum efficiency at all times.

5. Accommodation
All freshly enrolled students have the option of living in student housing. Students interested in attending Tokyo Tech have three alternatives. However, students are not guaranteed housing.

6. English-taught degrees
Tokyo Tech has only one English program at the undergraduate level, The Global Scientists and Engineer Program. This program, which began in 2016, is aimed at students who have little or no knowledge of Japanese. Students participating in the GSEP program will be enrolled in the Department of Science and Engineering. This interdisciplinary program takes a somewhat different approach to core courses than other colleges — many of the modules will be team-taught, project-based learning structures that focus more on interdisciplinary education in a wide range of areas.

Tokyo Institute of Technology Acceptance Rate
What is the Tokyo Institute of Technology acceptance rate? There is no definitive data on the institution’s acceptance rate. However, according to statistics, getting into university is not that tough if you satisfy all entry standards.

Tokyo Institute of Technology Scholarship for International Students
For international students, there are two types of scholarships offered. The Japanese government Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology Scholarship (MEXT) and private scholarships. The winner of a MEXT Scholarship is known as a MEXT Scholarship Student, whilst all other overseas students, regardless of scholarship recipient status, are referred to as privately-funded students.

There are two ways for students to be considered for the MEXT Scholarship.

One method is through an Embassy Recommendation, in which Japanese embassies and consulates suggest MEXT Scholarship candidates. The alternative method is through a University Recommendation, which Tokyo Tech uses to suggest individuals for MEXT Scholarships. MEXT will ultimately select beneficiaries after collecting suggestions from Japanese embassies and institutions. Those who are chosen to receive the MEXT Scholarship will get the following benefits:

Students enrolled in Japanese Intensive Courses and Research Students will get 146,000 yen per month.
Students enrolled in the Master’s Program: 147,000 yen each month
Students in the Doctoral Program: 148,000 yen per month
120,000 JPY per month for undergraduate students
Expenses for Travel: Each scholarship recipient will be issued with an economy class plane ticket between the international airport nearest to his/her place of residence in his/her country of nationality and Narita or Haneda International Airport, in line with MEXT regulations. The beneficiary is responsible for paying insurance costs for travel to and from Japan. The airport from which the beneficiary travels or returns must be in the country of his or her nationality.
Tokyo Institute of Technology Ranking
Tokyo Institute of Technology is one of Japan’s top ten universities. Every year, the institution is ranked among the top 5% of the world’s best universities. It specialized in the following courses, Arts and Humanities; Engineering and Technology; Life Sciences and Medicine; Natural Science; Social Sciences and Management; Mathematics; Physics and Chemistry. When it comes to educational quality, the institution is among the finest, placing in the top 100 in worldwide rankings.

According to the Times Higher Education rankings, Tokyo Tech is placed fourth in Japan and twentieth worldwide in Engineering. Tokyo Tech alumni have strong post-graduation opportunities due to the school’s extensive history and credibility.

Admissions Requirements
Foreign applicants can get admission into the institution using two methods. Please keep in mind that all examinations, whether oral or written, are held in Japanese. You can select either technique based on your preferences.

You should take both the university entrance test conducted by the National Centre for University Admission Examinations (NCUEE, website in Japanese) and the Tokyo Tech entrance examination (Admission Division). The criteria are the same as for normal Japanese students.
You should take the Japan Student Services Organization’s (JASSO) Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) and Tokyo Tech’s Special Screening Examination for Foreign Undergraduate Students. These standards are designed expressly for international students.
Popular Courses in Tokyo Institute of Technology
Tokyo Tech has a vast range of English options for individuals interested in pursuing a postgraduate degree. Many of these degree programs do not need candidates to have any prior knowledge of Japanese. There are presently eight programs from which students can choose:

International Graduate Program in Science for Innovative Leaders
Super Smart Society Engineering Program
Program for Highly-skilled Professionals for a Super Smart Society Supported by Advanced Materials and Chemical Technology
International Graduate Program on Applied Artificial Intelligence and Cyber-Intelligence
Advanced Materials and Chemical Technology Supported Program for Highly Skilled Professionals for a Super Smart Society
Postgraduate Program for Environmental Designers Contributing to Resilient Cities
Graduate Program to Foster Global Ecosystems
Global Engineering Program for Inclusive Society and Sustainable Environment
Postgraduate programs at Tokyo Tech are divided into two categories: Integrated Doctoral Education Programs (IDP) and Master’s Programs. The IDP is a combined postgraduate degree program that combines the masters and doctorate programs into a single continuous course of study. Students who achieve great achievements throughout each phase of the study will be entitled to lower their duration of study in that corresponding period, allowing them to graduate with both a master’s and a doctorate in a minimum of three years.

Tuition at the Tokyo Institute of Technology
As part of the admissions process, candidates must complete tests. Tokyo Institute of Technology has one of the world’s most stringent admissions processes, admitting only one out of every ten applications. The academic year is divided into semesters, as at many other Japanese educational institutions. Tuition for bachelor’s degrees is around $4,712 USD per year, while a master’s program in a year of studies will cost you 4,712 USD. However, there are various scholarships to supplement these tuition fees.

Tokyo Institute of Technology Financial Aid
There is no information available concerning the institution’s financial assistance. Applicants can, however, apply for either a government or a private scholarship. Tokyo Tech offers both the MEXT scholarship program and the JASSO scholarship as government-funded scholarships.

To qualify for the JASSO scholarship (Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students), students must submit an “Application for a Privately Funded scholarship. Alternatively, students can also apply directly for scholarships that do not require university recommendations after reviewing the application paperwork and conditions posted on bulletin boards, and application forms are accessible at the Student Support Division on Ookayama Campus. This information is also available online; however, it is only available to current students.

Popular Alumni of the Tokyo Institute of Technology
Tokyo Institute of Technology ranks 512th in the world, 104th in Asia, and 44th in Japan. Two Tokyo Institute of Technology alumni were awarded Nobel Prizes in Chemistry and Physiology or Medicine. Below are some popular alumni of this great institution:

Satoru Iwata was a Japanese entrepreneur, video game programmer, designer, and producer. He was Nintendo’s fourth president and chief executive officer (CEO). He made a significant contribution to widening the appeal of video games by focusing on unique and enjoyable games rather than cutting-edge hardware.

Kan Naoto – politician, university professor, a theoretical physicist. From June 2010 until September 2011, Naoto Kan served as Prime Minister of Japan and President of the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ). Kan was the only Prime Minister to serve for more than a year since Junichiro Koizumi resigned in 2006

Yoshimoto Takaaki – Yoshimoto Takaaki, also known as Rymei Yoshimoto, was a Tokyo-based Japanese poet, literary critic, and philosopher. He is the father of cartoonist Yoko Haruno and Japanese writer Banana Yoshimoto.

Toshiwo Doko – Toshiwo Doko was a Japanese engineer born in Okayama’s Mitsu District who served as the Manager, President, and Chairman of Ishikawajima Heavy Industry (IHI) and Toshiba.

Hideki Shirakawa – Hideki Shirakawa is a Japanese chemist, engineer, and Emeritus Professor at Tsukuba University and Zhejiang University. He is primarily recognized for developing conductive polymers. He shared the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2000 with Alan MacDiarmid and Alan Heeger.

Akitoshi Kawazu – Akitoshi Kawazu is a game creator, director, producer, and writer from Japan. He joined Square (later Square Enix) in 1985 and went on to become a core developer for the first two Final Fantasy titles before becoming the founder and chief developer for the SaGa series.

Shji Hamada – Shji Hamada was a potter from Japan. He was a notable impact on twentieth-century studio pottery and a major role in the mingei folk-art movement, establishing Mashiko into a world-renowned pottery center. He was named a “Living National Treasure” in 1955.

Kenjiro Takayanagi – Kenjiro Takayanagi was a pioneer in the creation of television in Japan. Despite his lack of popularity in the West, he invented the world’s first all-electronic television receiver and is known as “the father of television.”

Kawai Kanjir – Kawai Kanjir was a Japanese potter who was a significant figure in the mingei (Japanese folk art) and studio pottery movements, with Bernard Leach, Shji Hamada, Kenkichi Tomimoto, Shik Munakata, Keisuke Serizawa, and Tatsuz Shimaoka.

Tetsuo Saito – Tetsuo Saito is a Japanese politician from the New Komeito Party who serves in the Diet’s House of Representatives (national legislature). Saito is the Minister of the Environment and is presently serving his sixth term in the Lower House via Chugoku proportional election.

In this post, we looked at some vital information on the Tokyo Institute of Technology. We hope the information provided here will do a long way in helping you out. Best Wishes!

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Yale Young Global Scholars – Eligibility and Requirements
Free Online Courses in Canada For International Students

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Transform your career with a UK degree



The UK will transform your career prospects with a life-changing university education.

We’ll award your commitment with a multidisciplinary timetable of learning that combines world-class academic practice and real professional experience. 

It’s just one of the reasons why UK graduates are among the most employable in the entire world.

Get the qualifications you want

A UK degree is an extremely prestigious asset and by studying here you’ll gain a brilliant head start in both your education and career.

Our world-renowned universities will give you an industry-focused education that’s built on the most solid of historical foundations. And throughout your degree, we’ll support you to be imaginative, ambitious and to develop your own opinions and ideas. It’s these critical thinking skills, particular to a UK education, that will help you to stand out among other candidates.

And you’ll graduate with a global qualification that can take you anywhere. International recruiters make a special effort to seek out candidates from the UK’s universities. They recognize our country as a world leader in innovation, that we produce more cited research per capita than any other nation, and that one in three of our university undergraduate students graduates with first-class honors.


Gain the professional skills you’ll need

‘The UK prepared me with the skills to step into a work environment. I have managed to apply the skills and knowledge taught in my university course at work, alongside the on-the-job training.’

Yamin, studied Biomedical Science at Nottingham Trent University

In the UK, your education won’t be confined to the classroom. Our universities maintain close links with industry, and everything you learn here will interlock with current working practices and the latest professional demands. It’s just one of the reasons why our graduates are so employable.

Throughout your degree, you’ll have the chance to apply your learning with tailored internships and work placements. And as so many of our brilliant tutors are successful business leaders in their own right, they’ll help you to make career connections before you even finish your studies.

These fully-assessed work placements make studying in the UK extra special. Because on top of mastering your field of study, you’ll also learn how to lead, problem-solve and collaborate. You’ll also develop your ability to deal with work pressures and hit crucial deadlines. And all of this will impress employers when you begin your new career.

It’s an incredible opportunity to get ahead

Celebrated figures in science, politics, art, and literature have all benefited from the UK’s exceptional approach to academia. One in three Nobel Laureates have been shaped by their studies here – and we’ve educated more world leaders than any other nation. 


Just like these great minds, you’ll be inspired to push your learning in new and exciting directions. And as the UK is home to the English language, you’ll master the global language of science, diplomacy, and international business.

With such a pioneering approach to university education, it’s no wonder that the UK’s international graduates are progressing further, being promoted quicker and earning more than their peers educated in other countries. 

Take another step forward with our outstanding postgraduate courses

The UK’s creative and intellectual approach to education continues with our postgraduate programs. 

You’ll get to refine your learning and deepen your knowledge with these intensive courses, which maintain every exceptional standard you would expect from a UK university yet are often shorter than those in other countries. 

In fact, some master’s courses take place in as little as one year, which could make them your fastest and most affordable route to career success.

© British Council / Mat Wright

One of the smartest investments you will make

‘I work in a field that’s very difficult to break into. It’s a very technical area, and you’re up against some tough competition. A UK education gave me the edge I needed to succeed.’ 

Leonid studied for a PhD in Atmospheric Sciences at The University of Manchester.

Today, the UK’s graduates are making a stellar impression in every international field, from environmental science to the movie industry, to global business, and more. 

And you can be one of them. Because just like these hard-working graduates, you’ll find that your degree is a valuable and transformative foundation for the future. In fact, a recent leading survey of international students found that international graduates believed that their UK degree was well worth the financial investment.

And new opportunities won’t stop when you leave university. The UK’s Graduate Route allows you to stay in the country for up to two years after you finish your undergraduate or master’s degree or three years after you finish a Ph.D. And it will help you to take the next important steps in your career, here in the UK.

The Graduate Route is unsponsored, which means you can use the time after you graduate to work or look for work, at any skill level. You may want to gain work experience, travel, undertake an internship, or freelance in the UK. And once you have found a suitable job, you’ll then be able to switch to a skilled work route.

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Mummy G.O grooves in high society as she visits Dubai; shows off her luxury wardrobe in a hotel [Video]



Evangelist and founder of Rapture Proclaimer Evangelical Church of God (RAPEC), Funmilayo Adebayo a.k.a Mummy G.O, has posted a video of herself in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, doing nothing but having a good time.

The evangelist, who became a social media sensation with her fire-and-brimstone sermons, recorded herself in her pajamas in a luxurious hotel in the Asian country.

Reactions trail the video as she showed off her wardrobe and her luxurious mini-kitchen.

@eyisax: “And I know so many Nigerians she preached to are currently practicing all the lies she gave dem….here she is enjoying life.

@benny_lee04: “If mummy G.O can flex Dubai den u can too.”

See the Video Below:

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8 Ideas To Help You Start Earning More Money



Thanks to the internet, there is an endless number of ways to make money online. Here are just 8 ways you can make some extra money on the side.
Making more money could likely solve a lot of your problems. In the past, we’ve talked about how teens can make money, but for those of us who are a little older, we need something a little more sophisticated than the $10 that comes from mowing lawns.

Also read:8 Essential Online Resources for Digital Marketers

Luckily, in the age of the internet, making extra money (or your whole paycheck) online is incredibly easy if you know where to look.

1. Take surveys online.
2. Become a freelancer.
3. Invest with a Robo-advisor.
4. Invest in real estate.
5. Invest with a broker.
6. Become a virtual assistant.
7. Sell or rent your belongings.

Also Read: 9 Secret Facebook Marketing Techniques to Boost Sales

You can as well;


you have a talent, chances are, you can sell your skill. Whether you’re a writer, artist, graphic designer, photographer, etc., there’s a freelance gig for you. Let’s cover a few possible freelance angles for you to take.

Freelance writing

It’s easier than ever to become a freelance writer (all of our writers at Money Under 30 are freelancers). With that being said, if you’re just starting out it can be difficult to find a writing job that will pay you more than pennies.

We have advice here, on how to actually get hired for a freelance job. Also, a good place to start looking is Fiverr. It’s called Fiverr because most people would charge just $5 for their services—some people still do that, others charge a lot more.

Teach online

If you like to teach and have some free time, consider teaching English as a second language. EF, an online teaching company where you could earn up to $2,000 a month, making it a pretty great side-hustle.

VIPKID is another excellent service that connects North American teachers and tutors with students in China for one-on-one English lessons.


The application process is rigorous, but you could make between $14 and $22 an hour—not necessarily the most competitive, but still decent.

Do small tasks

If you’re not prone to creativity, you can still make money online by offering your handyman (or woman) services on TaskRabbit.

Many of the tasks advertised on TaskRabbit involve tasks such as:

Putting furniture together
Running errands
Picking up groceries
Search the gigs section of Craigslist

Along with TaskRabbit, you can search the “gigs” section on Craigslist. Many of the gigs are hoaxes, but there are some that are legit. There are gigs that involve computer skills, writing skills, general labor, cleaning, etc.


Source: Bennievibez

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“Majority of Naija men are gold diggers” Pastor Shola Adeoye breaks silence



Pastor Shola Adeoye has said that the majority of Nigerian men are gold diggers.

The founder of Lighthouse Church took to Instagram to claim that a number of Nigerian men have trooped to the inbox of his client based in America to declare love for her.

“Naija men can never change. The majority are gold diggers,” he wrote.

See below.

"Majority of Naija men are gold diggers" Pastor Shola Adeoye says after Nigerian men trooped to inbox of a US-based woman he posted about
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